About Us

Among Publishers is a community created for, and by book publishers, for the information updating, networking, debate, continuing education and improvement of our industry, by thinking over, sharing and discussing our common matters. It started in Argentina in 2017, founded by Trini Vergara, with an international projection over all the Spanish and Portuguese worlds.
The Project expresses itself in two different iniciatives: The Colloquim for the Future of Publishing and the School of Publisher’s Courses.
The Colloquium is a one day Conference, each year during the first week of September, dedicated to the debate of the future of our industry. It takes place at the CCK Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. For each edition we invite prestigious colleagues from abroad who, together with relevant local professionals, offer the best possible program and presentations, addressed to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking publishers, discussing matters around one theme, like technology and exportations, technology and distribution, etc. It gathers more than 200 professionals –the majority of the publishing managers, owners and CEO’s of the Argentine book industry.

The School of Publishers consists of a series of presential training courses –each an eight hour independent program– given by the most experienced publishing professionals in each specific area. The goal of the school is to facilitate their passing on of their know how to the less experienced, with a practical –hands on –focus. As a second mission, it seeks to open and strengthen our publishing community, allowing a bigger networking among book people, where the ones who start can easily find help from the ones with some more miles travelled.

Come and join us, publishing colleagues!

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